2019 RAte card

GST to be added to all Rates.


Corporate filming Labour (no gear):
$1155/Day (8 hours)  [Travel days are  half labour rate]
$650/half day (4 hours)

Commercial Filming Labour (no gear):
$3500/day buy out. [Travel days are  half labour rate, Pre Days Negotiable]

Rates negotiable on certain jobs (ie. multi-day project, travel jobs  or special case projects etc). 


Sony A7s kit: $100/day
Flanders Scientific BM210  21.5" Director or Agency/Client Colour Calibrated Monitor : $140/day
DP Monitor, Odyssey 7Q+ Monitor: $75/day
AC Monitor, Small HD 702 Hi Bright with cage : $60/day
Full IRND filter set (0.3 to 2.1): $100/day
Bright Tangerine MisFit Matte Box kit and Atom Gimbal Matte Box: $50/day and $25/day
Teradek wireless video kit: $100/day (Two receivers) $150/day (Three receivers).
DJI Wireless follow focus: $100/day
Rokinon Cine lens set (24, 35, 50 &  85mm): $200/day
EF Mount Zooms (11-16, 24-105 & 70-200mm): $200/day
Russian Cine lens set (28, 37, 58, 85mm): $100/day
Camera kart: $50/day
100mm Tripod: $100/day
Hand held rig: $50/day
Hazer: $80/day
LED lighting kit (Aputure 300D & Dome, 2x Bi Col Lite matts & 2x  2' RGBW Sticks): $350/day