Inverted camera etc for shadow play / duality symbolism.
 ECU of various textures. Sand and playing with reverse speed
 Framing of family or supporters looking on. WS and camera rush in’s. Possible flag orwaving etc.
 Potential framing for a track running shot. Track with her and Tilt up from the track (ground) to her feet entering frame and further up as she runs away from camera. I like the depth and choice to shoot across the track in this direction. We can show production value by doing fast moving steadi shots rather than typical overcrank. its would also play nice contrasted against our Phantom shots. Give some variety in ‘pacing’.
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.53.31 am.png
 I like the play between light and darkness here. the feel of emerging into the 'game'.
 Studio feeling stylised Phantom frame of the jump etc. Its very painterly and edge lit (just adding fill light as necessary). I don’t imagine this light would be in shot for any but the extreme low angles but it may look nice for a certain shot.
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