A great example of a natural feeling lit image. A tiny bit of colour contrast plays into the mood of the scene too. Great colour pallet & production design.
 The framing here is great to add a sense of things closing in on her. The natural light and dark and light mix also works for me.
 Good example of ‘single source’ lighting. Bit darker in the shadows than we would probably want to play.
 I like the Mixed light feel and check a boarding of light and dark.
 Levels. This is a great example of her skin popping just that bit more than her enviroment. Also lovely complimentery natural colour pallet in the production design.
 Single source lighting example
 I like the early morning feel here. The prac's play well in the low light and provide a colour contrast.
 Nice example of a change in mood if we do a ‘walk the dog’ type scene. The early morning feel could play well in showing some normality in life as well. I like the cinematic feel by silhouetting her and even though its dark its works because of the bright pops of light that are also in the scene.
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