Director: Matt Pitcher

Athlete: Sinta Wardana
Short Form Story


Gym workout:

Shot ideas:

  • Sled pull transition. - match cut to take off/ running at practise track etc.
  • Cole Trainer in shot, always behind her
  • ECU eye
  • Shadows
  • Drop down of camera or pass through or past the action for transitions
  • Hold static on some reps, in and out of frame
  • Grip camera to the equipment/bars
  • Really elevated shot, looking down on her
  • Rush in about to sled pull, grit and go - cut to park take off
  • Water streaming over face cool down.
  • Mirror shot.
  • Stylised texture and normal shots with counter moving light on tracks etc.
  • This is a great location to do a series of Portraits.

Time of Day:
Any time of day

Possible Cast:

  • Sinta
  • Cole (Trainer)

Sinta’s Gym (Sunday its closed - so this best day)

Production Design:

  • Bring a large mirror

Gaffer kit:

  • Black out sky lights
  • Lit mate 4 / Cream source/area 48 with skirts for light pools - how many?
  • Soft box/gridded large soft lights for key
  • Boom arm / combo stand with wheels for main Key light.
  • Prac kino’s or other fixtures TBD
  • Black woollens
  • 4x4 floppies
  • Poly

Gaffer Notes:


  • I have a hazer.
  • Will not be using existing lamps in gym.
  • Black out sky lights. No lighting from exterior.
  • Setup a 2.5k HMI as ‘window light rays’ (ie. use floppies etc to make a window opening) in far corner of gym.
  • We will need to rig 3x LED light fixtures to hang over the sled pull part of the gym. Will hang these with small chain link from the exposed steel beams on underside of the roof and patch power to them so we have individual control of them from the ground. 
  • We will also rig some more LED batten fixtures horizontal to the gym walls as per diagram. There is power points on the walls ready for this.
  • I’m getting Paolo’s RGB small camera light thing which will be used as a colour pop  in the BG of some shots, and may rig to the wall for the WS of the gym.
  • Will utilise Tungsten Dedo for flaring and out of focus accents.
  • So all thats basically the scene lighting down, now for the key light lets rig a 200w HMI in a soft box, with diff and grid to a menace arm on a solid stand with wheels. I want a boom length of around 3m. Add 1/2 CTO to the box as well. This thing needs to be fast to move around and we will basically use it to spin into the ideal key light position depending on what activity we are doing.
  • I would also want a 44kino 5600k or two ready to go for some soft top light and foreground level on some areas of the gym that will lack it.


  • Mainly 2x waterfalled kino's through a drapped 1/2 grit etc
  • Some with GYM BG some with Black wooden BG. What black woollens do you have in kit?
  • Also a version where we rig a top light to camera and it dims up as it moves to her. Its very front lit, single source, its for a story beat so its not the nicest looking shot but figure maybe a 1x1 flex or some thing that can remote dim be rigged to top of camera.


  • Need an ICE light to use here. (image near the bottom of the page "mirror reflection shot") or i have a small 2' powered LED.
  • Would love a variation here with an extreme colour contrast (maybe orange like this). We can use Paolo’s light to help here I think as the bathroom is small and it should feel single source anyway.


Lighting Diagrams:


  • Ready Rig 
  • Platform for elevated shot (there is scaff there)
  • Grip to fix camera to bars etc

Camera kit:

  • RED Weapon Camera
  • Diopter set
  • Anamorphic Lenses

Cinematography Keys:

  • Haze
  • Pools of light
  • Creating black
  • Scene lighting
  • Creating tones in the lower third of image
  • Col pallet
  • Shooting over crank/tighter shutter, always 40fps etc at minimum

Ref images: