Director: Matt Pitcher

Athlete: Sinta Wardana
Short Form Story


Transit/transitions etc: (massively dependent on what you decide story is Matt):

Shot ideas:

  • Puddles/rain
  • Reflections
  • Street skape Running
  • Pulling up to a stop (from running) and we see a closer Face shot
  • Car park circulating..
  • Close focus on wet window
  • Roof Light in tunnel (I have footage of this in Spanish doc)
  • Through Tunnel in car
  • Tunnel underpass Near UWA or other tunnels
  • Under the freo bridge, looking up
  • Freo port & gravel/BG cranes and 
  • Stuck in traffic.
  • Front shot into car, partial reflections of passing by tress and clouds.
  • Her looking outside side window with partial reflections (window is held down etc)
  • Up hill battle - camera pivot / roll outs to make the cut, might work nice at Scarborough High rise car park.
  • Scarbs high rise car park
  • From the curvy bridge at Elizabeth key with city in BG.
  • upside down shot to shadow. 
  • Entertainment centre LED’s
  • Wellington street has some tall building in BG that have multi coloured LED’s.

Time of Day:
Various, location dependent

Possible Cast:

  • Sinta

Multiple TBD

Gaffer kit:

Lighting Diagrams:


  • AC?


  • Car mount
  • Ronin
  • Vibration isolator
  • Easy Rig & Serene

Camera kit:

  • Epic W Camera
  • Anamorphic Lenses

Cinematography Keys:

  • Time of day
  • Wide shots
  • Low down and tilt up
  • Placing her in and around structures and having her weave and pas through obstacles.
  • Graduated darker sky’s for low light shots
  • Location location location
  • Colour pallets
  • Horizon lines/power play
  • Shoot sequences

Ref images: