Director: Matt Pitcher

Athlete: Sinta Wardana
Short Form Story


Dawn Practise long jump:

Shot ideas:

  • Random Kids or teens watching on, From fence line..hands on chain line, focus pulls to faces etc. them rushing over to see action
  • Sled pull transition. - match cut to take off/ running.
  • Chain wire fence
  • Getting out of car walking over, reebok example, also lone car in car park (far distant shot from chain link to her getting out of car).
  • Lands jump = rushing camera , she stands up and we see her determination

Time of Day:
Dawn & pre dawn

Possible Cast:

  • Random Kids or teens watching on 

Local track

Gaffer kit:

  • Batt powered cream source etc
  • 4x4 frame
  • 4x4 floppies
  • Poly

Lighting Diagrams:


  • AC
  • Gaffer?


  • Easy Rig with serene

Camera kit:

  • Epic W Camera
  • Diopter set
  • Anamorphic Lenses

Cinematography Keys:

  • Prac. lights need to be on!
  • Use of soft ambient with some bounce/neg
  • Dawn skys
  • Colour pallet tones
  • Energetic camera moves
  • Capturing full actions, car pull up, walk to track, bags down, prep, stretches etc.

Ref images: