Director: Matt Pitcher

Athlete: Sinta Wardana
Short Form Story


Track & Phantom long jump:

Shot ideas:

  • Family watching on at day (ie. cut to from her prep for day jump)
  • Family watching at night jump?
  • Studio style jump shots
  • Simulation of camera flashes whilst she is mid air?
  • Track away from her as she jumps into light or darkness
  • End of day light jump shots (beginning before jump focus etc/running/take off and landing)
  • End of day light jump shots: Sinta accelerating along run up, Phantom from feet to 3/4 behind on tracking vehicle.
  • Tracking her running (for cut to’s in other running scenes)
  • Texture shots, particle, sand grains, super close vision, track, soles of shoes, sand vibrating/sand reverse motion 
  • Stylised texture and normal shots with counter moving light on tracks etc.

Time of Day:
If we are to shoot any running at the track for schedule sake to reduce day length lets shoot some stuff mid afternoon.

For the slow motion long jump we can shoot it twice in general. One set of coverage/story telling captured in the last light of the day and then again (for a different set of coverage with the Phantom camera at night (for the super slow motion studio feel). 

Possible Cast:

  • Some family or friends watching on
  • Extras for the crowd just around family

WA Athletics Track

Gaffer kit:

  • Genset? 3 phase power connect at track TBD?
  • T12 & 2x T5 Tungsten or flicker free equivalent HMI’s
  • Tall stands
  • 3x 20' Black woollens
  • C Stands
  • 6x6 frame Ultra bounce
  • 8x8 frame 1/2 Diff
  • 12x12 frame with Ultra Bounce
  • 8x8 Highlight frame
  • 4x4 216 knife frame
  • 4x4 Poly
  • 4x4 floppies
  • Camera flash?

Lighting Diagrams:


  • AC & 2nd AC
  • B Camera Crew for Epic
  • Phantom tech (HD Rentals)
  • Data tech(Kent)


  • Tracking vehicle for running? Needs to be rigged to  fit a gimble to it and also shoot off the ready rig.
  • Tracking vehicle fit op with easy rig stabilisation
  • Sticks 100mm
  • Easy Rig with serene
  • 2nd Easy rig for B camera
  • hi hat
  • cine saddle

Camera kit:

  • Epic Weapon and Phantom Cameras
  • Diopter set
  • Anamorphic Lenses
  • 21” Flanders large monitor
  • SDI cables
  • Light meter
  • Red Rock Focus system & focus Monitor

Cinematography Keys:

  • Constraining the colour tones/two tones
  • 3/4 back light / shooting darker BG’s
  • Depth 
  • Screen direction
  • When tracking running stable camera at speed is high value. Over-crank is easy.
  • High shutter speed
  • Capturing full actions before jump etc.

Ref images: