Lottery West - "Dream Machine TVC" - D.O.P
Director: Rob Forsyth // Production Company: The Pengiun Empire // Agency: Markforce
Easy Start Homes  TVC  - D.O.P
Director: Paul Komadina // Production Company: Kick Films / Agency: Lowe303
Kimberly Womens AFL  TVC  - D.O.P
Director: Adam Rule // Production Company: Chopshop

Tourism Australia  - D.O.P
Director: Michelle Galluzzo // Production Company: The Precinct Studios


feature films

(2017) "I am Mother" - 2nd Unit Director of Photography
Director: Grant Sputore // Producer: Kelvin Munro // DP: Steve Annis

(2017) "1922" Netflicks Original Feature - 2nd Unit Director of Photography
Director: Zac Hilditch

TV Series

(2017) "Flight Camera Action" -  DOP Perth
Production Company: Title Role UK.
(2017) "I am Heath Ledger" - B Camera
Director: Adrian Buitenhuis // Production Company: Network Films Inc.

(2017) "Going Places with Ernie" - B Camera
Director: Rima Tamou // Production Company: NiTV


XXXX Beer - "Goldie" Promo" - D.O.P
Director: Ethan McLean // Production Company: Milkmoney

Sinta - "Life of an Athelete" - D.O.P
Director: Matt Pitcher 

Fox Sports - FoxFooty Promo "Matthew Pavlich" - D.O.P
Director: Micca Delaney // Production Company: Fox Sports

City of Perth TVC "Let's Thursday like we Friday" - D.O.P
Director: Matt Pitcher // Production Company: Open Spaces

Telstra "GES Study Perth Council" - Movi Op
Director of Photography: Jordan Maddocks // Production Company: Chief Entertainment

Woolworths "Eat like a Footy Hero" -  2nd Camera
Director of Photography: Brett Brown // Production Company: De Republica



Make Smoking history - D.O.P Digital Online Campaign  
Director: Corrie Jones  // Production Company: The Pengiun Empire campaign
Defence Force “Jobs” - B Camera OP
Director/DP: Dominic Allen // Production Company: Guilty Content
The Greens “Christmas” - D.O.P
Director: Antony Webb // Production Company: Siamese
Water Corporation "Drain Monsters" TVC D.O.P
Director: Antony Webb // Production Company: Siamese
Muzz Buzz "Sticky boy" & "Gauntlets" TVC - D.O.P
Director: Joe Henderson// Production Company: Madkids
Espresso Coffee Commercial  - D.O.P
Director: Jacqueline Pelczar// Production Company: Elaine Smith Films
Channel Nine Promo TVC
  - Gimbal Operator
Director: Ed Hobbs // Production Company: Channel Nine // D.O.P: Jim Frater ACS
The Greens “Game of Homes”  - D.O.P
Director: Antony Webb // Production Company: Siamese
HBF “Golden Ticket”  - D.O.P
Production Company: Siamese
Enjo “Family” - D.O.P
 Director: Christian Kennedy// Production Company: Enjo
Games World TVC - D.O.P
Director: Adrian Prospero// Production Company: White Pixel
Atlas Pearls TVC  - B Camera / Gimbal Op

Director: Russel James  // Production Company: Yoke Productions // D.O.P: Torstein Dyrting ACS
NicheLiving TVC x3 - D.O.P
 Director: Oliver Mamet  // Production Company: Out Of The Box

TAB "Spring racing" VFX Plates  - Op
Director: Rob Forsyth// Production Company: The Penguin Empire
Optus "Data Pool" TVC  - B Camera
Director: Heath George & Jamie Cohen   // Production Company: Clock Work Films  // D.O.P: Torstein Dyrting ACS  
Content Living TVC  - Gimbal Op
Production Company: Sandbox Productions   
Harness Racing TVC  - Second Unit D.O.P
Director: Merlin Cornish // Production Company: Siamese
RAC Free2Go   -  D.O.P
Director: Oliver Mamet  // Production Company: Out Of The Box

feature films

Paper Planes - Additional Camera Op
Director: Robert Connolly
Broken Contract  - D.O.P
Director: James Penticost 

TV Series

Fox Sports "Grass Roots" - D.O.P
Director: Jared Ben & Tom Furguson // Production Company: Fox Sports
Channel Nine Promo 2017  - Gimbal Op
Director: Ed Hobbs // Production Company: Channel Nine // D.O.P: Jim Frater ACS